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package wrapper

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/pkg/core/cryptosuite/bccsp/wrapper"


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func GetKey Uses

func GetKey(newkey bccsp.Key) core.Key

GetKey returns implementation of of cryptosuite.Key

func NewCryptoSuite Uses

func NewCryptoSuite(bccsp bccsp.BCCSP) core.CryptoSuite

NewCryptoSuite returns cryptosuite adaptor for given bccsp.BCCSP implementation

type CryptoSuite Uses

type CryptoSuite struct {
    BCCSP bccsp.BCCSP

CryptoSuite provides a wrapper of BCCSP

func (*CryptoSuite) GetHash Uses

func (c *CryptoSuite) GetHash(opts core.HashOpts) (h hash.Hash, err error)

GetHash is a wrapper of BCCSP.GetHash

func (*CryptoSuite) GetKey Uses

func (c *CryptoSuite) GetKey(ski []byte) (k core.Key, err error)

GetKey is a wrapper of BCCSP.GetKey

func (*CryptoSuite) Hash Uses

func (c *CryptoSuite) Hash(msg []byte, opts core.HashOpts) (hash []byte, err error)

Hash is a wrapper of BCCSP.Hash

func (*CryptoSuite) KeyGen Uses

func (c *CryptoSuite) KeyGen(opts core.KeyGenOpts) (k core.Key, err error)

KeyGen is a wrapper of BCCSP.KeyGen

func (*CryptoSuite) KeyImport Uses

func (c *CryptoSuite) KeyImport(raw interface{}, opts core.KeyImportOpts) (k core.Key, err error)

KeyImport is a wrapper of BCCSP.KeyImport

func (*CryptoSuite) Sign Uses

func (c *CryptoSuite) Sign(k core.Key, digest []byte, opts core.SignerOpts) (signature []byte, err error)

Sign is a wrapper of BCCSP.Sign

func (*CryptoSuite) Verify Uses

func (c *CryptoSuite) Verify(k core.Key, signature, digest []byte, opts core.SignerOpts) (valid bool, err error)

Verify is a wrapper of BCCSP.Verify

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