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package lockbasedtxmgr

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/ledger/kvledger/txmgmt/txmgr/lockbasedtxmgr"


Package Files

collection_val.go helper.go lockbased_query_executer.go lockbased_tx_simulator.go lockbased_txmgr.go

type LockBasedTxMgr Uses

type LockBasedTxMgr struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

LockBasedTxMgr a simple implementation of interface `txmgmt.TxMgr`. This implementation uses a read-write lock to prevent conflicts between transaction simulation and committing

func NewLockBasedTxMgr Uses

func NewLockBasedTxMgr(ledgerid string, db privacyenabledstate.DB, stateListeners []ledger.StateListener,
    btlPolicy pvtdatapolicy.BTLPolicy, bookkeepingProvider bookkeeping.Provider, ccInfoProvider ledger.DeployedChaincodeInfoProvider) (*LockBasedTxMgr, error)

NewLockBasedTxMgr constructs a new instance of NewLockBasedTxMgr

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) Commit Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) Commit() error

Commit implements method in interface `txmgmt.TxMgr`

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) CommitLostBlock Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) CommitLostBlock(blockAndPvtdata *ledger.BlockAndPvtData) error

CommitLostBlock implements method in interface kvledger.Recoverer

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) GetLastSavepoint Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) GetLastSavepoint() (*version.Height, error)

GetLastSavepoint returns the block num recorded in savepoint, returns 0 if NO savepoint is found

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) Name Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) Name() string

Name returns the name of the database that manages all active states.

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) NewQueryExecutor Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) NewQueryExecutor(txid string) (ledger.QueryExecutor, error)

NewQueryExecutor implements method in interface `txmgmt.TxMgr`

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) NewTxSimulator Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) NewTxSimulator(txid string) (ledger.TxSimulator, error)

NewTxSimulator implements method in interface `txmgmt.TxMgr`

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) RemoveStaleAndCommitPvtDataOfOldBlocks Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) RemoveStaleAndCommitPvtDataOfOldBlocks(blocksPvtData map[uint64][]*ledger.TxPvtData) error

RemoveStaleAndCommitPvtDataOfOldBlocks implements method in interface `txmgmt.TxMgr` The following six operations are performed: (1) contructs the unique pvt data from the passed blocksPvtData (2) acquire a lock on oldBlockCommit (3) checks for stale pvtData by comparing [version, valueHash] and removes stale data (4) creates update batch from the the non-stale pvtData (5) update the BTL bookkeeping managed by the purge manager and update expiring keys. (6) commit the non-stale pvt data to the stateDB This function assumes that the passed input contains only transactions that had been marked "Valid". In the current design, this assumption holds true as we store missing data info about only valid transactions. Further, gossip supplies only the missing pvtData of valid transactions. If these two assumptions are broken due to some bug, we are still safe from data consistency point of view as we match the version and the value hashes stored in the stateDB before committing the value. However, if pvtData of a tuple <ns, Coll, key> is passed for two (or more) transactions with one as valid and another as invalid transaction, we might miss to store a missing data forever if the version# of invalid tx is greater than the valid tx (as per our logic employed in constructUniquePvtData(). Other than a bug, there is another scenario in which this function might receive pvtData of both valid and invalid tx. Such a scenario is explained in FAB-12924 and is related to state fork and rebuilding ledger state.

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) Rollback Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) Rollback()

Rollback implements method in interface `txmgmt.TxMgr`

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) ShouldRecover Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) ShouldRecover(lastAvailableBlock uint64) (bool, uint64, error)

ShouldRecover implements method in interface kvledger.Recoverer

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) Shutdown Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) Shutdown()

Shutdown implements method in interface `txmgmt.TxMgr`

func (*LockBasedTxMgr) ValidateAndPrepare Uses

func (txmgr *LockBasedTxMgr) ValidateAndPrepare(blockAndPvtdata *ledger.BlockAndPvtData, doMVCCValidation bool) (
    []*txmgr.TxStatInfo, []byte, error,

ValidateAndPrepare implements method in interface `txmgmt.TxMgr`

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