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package gossip

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/discovery/support/gossip"


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type DiscoverySupport Uses

type DiscoverySupport struct {

DiscoverySupport implements support that is used for service discovery that is obtained from gossip

func NewDiscoverySupport Uses

func NewDiscoverySupport(g gossip2.Gossip) *DiscoverySupport

NewDiscoverySupport creates a new DiscoverySupport

func (*DiscoverySupport) ChannelExists Uses

func (s *DiscoverySupport) ChannelExists(channel string) bool

ChannelExists returns whether a given channel exists or not

func (*DiscoverySupport) Peers Uses

func (s *DiscoverySupport) Peers() discovery.Members

Peers returns the NetworkMembers considered alive

func (*DiscoverySupport) PeersOfChannel Uses

func (s *DiscoverySupport) PeersOfChannel(chain common.ChainID) discovery.Members

PeersOfChannel returns the NetworkMembers considered alive and also subscribed to the channel given

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