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package alias

import ""


Package Files

alias.go aliasexport.go aliasimport.go aliaslist.go aliasremove.go aliasset.go


var AliasCmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   "alias",
    Short: "Manage aliases of IoTeX addresses",

AliasCmd represents the alias command

var (
    ErrNoAliasFound = errors.New("no alias is found")


func Alias Uses

func Alias(address string) (string, error)

Alias returns the alias corresponding to address

func EtherAddress Uses

func EtherAddress(in string) (common.Address, error)

EtherAddress returns the address in ether format

func GetAliasMap Uses

func GetAliasMap() map[string]string

GetAliasMap gets the map from address to alias

func IOAddress Uses

func IOAddress(in string) (address.Address, error)

IOAddress returns the address in IoTeX address format

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