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package util

import ""


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const (
    // IotxDecimalNum defines the number of decimal digits for IoTeX
    IotxDecimalNum = 18
    // GasPriceDecimalNum defines the number of decimal digits for gas price
    GasPriceDecimalNum = 12

func Address Uses

func Address(in string) (string, error)

Address returns the address corresponding to alias. if 'in' is an IoTeX address, returns 'in'

func ConnectToEndpoint Uses

func ConnectToEndpoint(secure bool) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

ConnectToEndpoint starts a new connection

func GetAddress Uses

func GetAddress(in string) (string, error)

GetAddress get address from address or alias or context

func IoAddrToEvmAddr Uses

func IoAddrToEvmAddr(ioAddr string) (common.Address, error)

IoAddrToEvmAddr converts IoTeX address into evm address

func RauToString Uses

func RauToString(amount *big.Int, numDecimals int) string

RauToString converts Rau big int into Iotx string

func ReadSecretFromStdin Uses

func ReadSecretFromStdin() (string, error)

ReadSecretFromStdin used to safely get password input

func StringToIOTX Uses

func StringToIOTX(amount string) (string, error)

StringToIOTX converts Rau string to Iotx string

func StringToRau Uses

func StringToRau(amount string, numDecimals int) (*big.Int, error)

StringToRau converts different unit string into Rau big int

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