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package atlas

import ""


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var (
    // ProbeTypes should be obvious
    ProbeTypes = []string{"area", "country", "prefix", "asn", "probes", "msm"}
    // AreaTypes should also be obvious
    AreaTypes = []string{"WW", "West", "North-Central", "South-Central", "North-East", "South-East"}
var ErrAPIKeyIsMandatory = errors.New("API call requires an API key")

ErrAPIKeyIsMandatory is returned when a call need one

var ErrInvalidAPIKey = errors.New("invalid API key")

ErrInvalidAPIKey is returned when the key is invalid

var ErrInvalidError = errors.New("Invalid request")


var ErrInvalidMeasurementType = errors.New("invalid measurement type")

ErrInvalidMeasurementType is a new error

func AddQueryParameters Uses

func AddQueryParameters(baseURL string, queryParams map[string]string) string

AddQueryParameters adds query parameters to the URL.

func FillDefinition Uses

func FillDefinition(d *Definition, fields map[string]string) error

FillDefinition set a few parameters in a definition list

The goal here is to give a dictionary of string and let it figure out each field's type depending on the recipient's type in the struct.

func GetVersion Uses

func GetVersion() string

GetVersion returns the API wrapper version

type APIError Uses

type APIError struct {
    Err struct {
        Status int    `json:"status"`
        Code   int    `json:"code"`
        Detail string `json:"detail"`
        Title  string `json:"title"`
        Errors []struct {
            Source struct {
                Pointer string
            }   `json:"source"`
            Detail string
        }   `json:"errors"`
    } `json:"error"`

APIError is for errors returned by the RIPE API.

func (APIError) Error Uses

func (e APIError) Error() string

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is the main struct holding state in an API client

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(cfgs ...Config) (*Client, error)

NewClient is the first function to call. Yes, it does take multiple config and the last one wins.

func (*Client) DNS Uses

func (c *Client) DNS(d *MeasurementRequest) (m *MeasurementResp, err error)

DNS creates a measurement

func (*Client) DeleteMeasurement Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteMeasurement(id int) (err error)

DeleteMeasurement stops (not really deletes) a given measurement

func (*Client) FetchResult Uses

func (c *Client) FetchResult(url string) (string, error)

FetchResult downloads result for a given measurement

func (*Client) GetCredits Uses

func (c *Client) GetCredits() (credits *Credits, err error)

GetCredits returns high-level data for credits

func (*Client) GetKey Uses

func (c *Client) GetKey(uuid string) (k Key, err error)

GetKey returns a given API key

func (*Client) GetKeys Uses

func (c *Client) GetKeys(opts map[string]string) (kl []Key, err error)

GetKeys returns all your API keys

func (*Client) GetMeasurement Uses

func (c *Client) GetMeasurement(id int) (m *Measurement, err error)

GetMeasurement gets info for a single one

func (*Client) GetMeasurements Uses

func (c *Client) GetMeasurements(opts map[string]string) (m []Measurement, err error)

GetMeasurements gets info for a set

func (*Client) GetProbe Uses

func (c *Client) GetProbe(id int) (p *Probe, err error)

GetProbe returns data for a single probe

func (*Client) GetProbes Uses

func (c *Client) GetProbes(opts map[string]string) (p []Probe, err error)

GetProbes returns data for a collection of probes

func (*Client) HTTP Uses

func (c *Client) HTTP(d *MeasurementRequest) (m *MeasurementResp, err error)

HTTP creates a measurement

func (*Client) HasAPIKey Uses

func (c *Client) HasAPIKey() (string, bool)

HasAPIKey returns whether an API key is stored

func (*Client) NTP Uses

func (c *Client) NTP(d *MeasurementRequest) (m *MeasurementResp, err error)

NTP creates a measurement

func (*Client) NewMeasurement Uses

func (c *Client) NewMeasurement() (req *MeasurementRequest)

NewMeasurement create a new MeasurementRequest and fills some fields

func (*Client) Ping Uses

func (c *Client) Ping(d *MeasurementRequest) (m *MeasurementResp, err error)

Ping creates a measurement

func (*Client) SSLCert Uses

func (c *Client) SSLCert(d *MeasurementRequest) (m *MeasurementResp, err error)

SSLCert creates a measurement

func (*Client) SetOption Uses

func (c *Client) SetOption(name, value string) *Client

SetOption sets a global option

func (*Client) Traceroute Uses

func (c *Client) Traceroute(d *MeasurementRequest) (m *MeasurementResp, err error)

Traceroute creates a measurement

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    APIKey       string
    DefaultProbe int
    AreaType     string
    AreaValue    string
    IsOneOff     bool
    PoolSize     int
    WantAF       string
    ProxyAuth    string
    Verbose      bool
    Tags         string
    Log          *log.Logger
    Level        int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Config is the main object when creating an API Client

type Credits Uses

type Credits struct {
    CurrentBalance            int    `json:"current_balance"`
    EstimatedDailyIncome      int    `json:"estimated_daily_income"`
    EstimatedDailyExpenditure int    `json:"estimated_daily_expenditure"`
    EstimatedDailyBalance     int    `json:"estimated_daily_balance"`
    CalculationTime           string `json:"calculation_time"`
    EstimatedRunoutSeconds    int    `json:"estimated_runout_seconds"`
    PastDayMeasurementResults int    `json:"past_day_measurement_results"`
    PastDayCreditsSpent       int    `json:"past_day_credits_spent"`
    IncomeItems               string `json:"income_items"`
    ExpenseItems              string `json:"expense_items"`
    Transactions              string `json:"transactions"`

Credits is holding credits data

type Definition Uses

type Definition struct {
    // Required fields
    Description string `json:"description"`
    Type        string `json:"type"`
    AF          int    `json:"af"`

    // Required for all but "dns"
    Target string `json:"target,omitempty"`

    GroupID        int      `json:"group_id,omitempty"`
    Group          string   `json:"group,omitempty"`
    InWifiGroup    bool     `json:"in_wifi_group,omitempty"`
    Spread         int      `json:"spread,omitempty"`
    Packets        int      `json:"packets,omitempty"`
    PacketInterval int      `json:"packet_interval,omitempty"`
    Tags           []string `json:"tags,omitempty"`

    // Common parameters
    ExtraWait      int  `json:"extra_wait,omitempty"`
    IsOneoff       bool `json:"is_oneoff,omitempty"`
    IsPublic       bool `json:"is_public,omitempty"`
    ResolveOnProbe bool `json:"resolve_on_probe,omitempty"`

    // Default depends on type
    Interval int `json:"interval,omitempty"`

    // dns & traceroute parameters
    Protocol string `json:"protocol,omitempty"`

    // dns parameters
    QueryClass       string `json:"query_class,omitempty"`
    QueryType        string `json:"query_type,omitempty"`
    QueryArgument    string `json:"query_argument,omitempty"`
    Retry            int    `json:"retry,omitempty"`
    SetCDBit         bool   `json:"set_cd_bit,omitempty"`
    SetDOBit         bool   `json:"set_do_bit,omitempty"`
    SetNSIDBit       bool   `json:"set_nsid_bit,omitempty"`
    SetRDBit         bool   `json:"set_rd_bit,omitempty"`
    UDPPayloadSize   int    `json:"udp_payload_size,omitempty"`
    UseProbeResolver bool   `json:"use_probe_resolver"`

    // traceroute parameters
    DestinationOptionSize int  `json:"destination_option_size,omitempty"`
    DontFragment          bool `json:"dont_fragment,omitempty"`
    DuplicateTimeout      int  `json:"duplicate_timeout,omitempty"`
    FirstHop              int  `json:"first_hop,omitempty"`
    HopByHopOptionSize    int  `json:"hop_by_hop_option_size,omitempty"`
    MaxHops               int  `json:"max_hops,omitempty"`
    Paris                 int  `json:"paris,omitempty"`

    // http parameters
    ExtendedTiming     bool   `json:"extended_timing,omitempty"`
    HeaderBytes        int    `json:"header_bytes,omitempty"`
    Method             string `json:"method,omitempty"`
    MoreExtendedTiming bool   `json:"more_extended_timing,omitempty"`
    Path               string `json:"path,omitempty"`
    QueryOptions       string `json:"query_options,omitempty"`
    UserAgent          string `json:"user_agent,omitempty"`
    Version            string `json:"version,omitempty"`

    // sslcert & traceroute & http parameters
    Port int `json:"port,omitempty"`

    // ping & traceroute parameters
    Size int `json:"size,omitempty"`

    // wifi parameters
    AnonymousIdentity string `json:"anonymous_identity,omitempty"`
    Cert              string `json:"cert,omitempty"`
    EAP               string `json:"eap,omitempty"`

Definition is used to create measurements

type Grant Uses

type Grant struct {
    Permission string `json:"permission"`
    Target     struct {
        Type string `json:"type"`
        ID   string `json:"id"`
    }   `json:"target"`

Grant is the permission(s) associated with a key

type Key Uses

type Key struct {
    UUID      string `json:"uuid"`
    ValidFrom string `json:"valid_from"`
    ValidTo   string `json:"valid_to"`
    Enabled   bool
    IsActive  bool    `json:"is_active"`
    CreatedAt string  `json:"created_at"`
    Label     string  `json:"label"`
    Grants    []Grant `json:"grants"`
    Type      string  `json:"type"`

Key is holding the API key parameters

type Measurement Uses

type Measurement struct {
    Af                    int                    `json:"af"`
    CreationTime          int                    `json:"creation_time"`
    Description           string                 `json:"description"`
    DestinationOptionSize interface{}            `json:"destination_option_size"`
    DontFragment          interface{}            `json:"dont_fragment"`
    DuplicateTimeout      interface{}            `json:"duplicate_timeout"`
    FirstHop              int                    `json:"first_hop"`
    Group                 string                 `json:"group"`
    GroupID               int                    `json:"group_id"`
    HopByHopOptionSize    interface{}            `json:"hop_by_hop_option_size"`
    ID                    int                    `json:"id"`
    InWifiGroup           bool                   `json:"in_wifi_group"`
    Interval              int                    `json:"interval"`
    IsAllScheduled        bool                   `json:"is_all_scheduled"`
    IsOneoff              bool                   `json:"is_oneoff"`
    IsPublic              bool                   `json:"is_public"`
    MaxHops               int                    `json:"max_hops"`
    PacketInterval        interface{}            `json:"packet_interval"`
    Packets               int                    `json:"packets"`
    Paris                 int                    `json:"paris"`
    ParticipantCount      int                    `json:"participant_count"`
    ParticipationRequests []ParticipationRequest `json:"participation_requests"`
    Port                  interface{}            `json:"port"`
    ProbesRequested       int                    `json:"probes_requested"`
    ProbesScheduled       int                    `json:"probes_scheduled"`
    Protocol              string                 `json:"protocol"`
    ResolveOnProbe        bool                   `json:"resolve_on_probe"`
    ResolvedIPs           []string               `json:"resolved_ips"`
    ResponseTimeout       int                    `json:"response_timeout"`
    Result                string                 `json:"result"`
    Size                  int                    `json:"size"`
    Spread                interface{}            `json:"spread"`
    StartTime             int                    `json:"start_time"`
    Status                struct {
        ID   int    `json:"id"`
        Name string `json:"name"`
    }   `json:"status"`
    StopTime  int    `json:"stop_time"`
    Target    string `json:"target"`
    TargetASN int    `json:"target_asn"`
    TargetIP  string `json:"target_ip"`
    Type      string `json:"type"`

Measurement is what we are working with

type MeasurementRequest Uses

type MeasurementRequest struct {
    // see below for definition
    Definitions []Definition `json:"definitions"`

    // requested set of probes
    Probes []ProbeSet `json:"probes"`
    BillTo       int  `json:"bill_to,omitempty"`
    IsOneoff     bool `json:"is_oneoff,omitempty"`
    SkipDNSCheck bool `json:"skip_dns_check,omitempty"`
    Times        int  `json:"times,omitempty"`
    StartTime    int  `json:"start_time,omitempty"`
    StopTime     int  `json:"stop_time,omitempty"`

MeasurementRequest contains the different measurement to create/view

func (*MeasurementRequest) AddDefinition Uses

func (m *MeasurementRequest) AddDefinition(fields map[string]string) *MeasurementRequest

AddDefinition create a new MeasurementRequest and fills some fields

type MeasurementResp Uses

type MeasurementResp struct {
    Measurements []int

MeasurementResp contains all the results of the measurements

type ParticipationRequest Uses

type ParticipationRequest struct {
    Action        string `json:"action"`
    CreatedAt     int    `json:"created_at,omitempty"`
    ID            int    `json:"id,omitempty"`
    Self          string `json:"self,omitempty"`
    Measurement   string `json:"measurement,omitempty"`
    MeasurementID int    `json:"measurement_id,omitempty"`
    Requested     int    `json:"requested,omitempty"`
    Type          string `json:"type,omitempty"`
    Value         string `json:"value,omitempty"`
    Logs          string `json:"logs,omitempty"`

ParticipationRequest allow you to add or remove probes from a measurement that was already created

type Probe Uses

type Probe struct {
    AddressV4      string `json:"address_v4"`
    AddressV6      string `json:"address_v6"`
    AsnV4          int    `json:"asn_v4"`
    AsnV6          int    `json:"asn_v6"`
    CountryCode    string `json:"country_code"`
    Description    string `json:"description"`
    FirstConnected int    `json:"first_connected"`
    Geometry       struct {
        Type        string    `json:"type"`
        Coordinates []float64 `json:"coordinates"`
    }   `json:"geometry"`
    ID            int    `json:"id"`
    IsAnchor      bool   `json:"is_anchor"`
    IsPublic      bool   `json:"is_public"`
    LastConnected int    `json:"last_connected"`
    PrefixV4      string `json:"prefix_v4"`
    PrefixV6      string `json:"prefix_v6"`
    Status        struct {
        Since string `json:"since"`
        ID    int    `json:"id"`
        Name  string `json:"name"`
    }   `json:"status"`
    StatusSince int `json:"status_since"`
    Tags        []struct {
        Name string `json:"name"`
        Slug string `json:"slug"`
    }   `json:"tags"`
    Type string `json:"type"`

Probe is holding probe's data

type ProbeSet Uses

type ProbeSet struct {
    Requested   int    `json:"requested"` // number of probes
    Type        string `json:"type"`      // area, country, prefix, asn, probes, msm
    Value       string `json:"value"`     // can be numeric or string
    TagsInclude string `json:"tags_include,omitempty"`
    TagsExclude string `json:"tags_exclude,omitempty"`

ProbeSet is a set of probes obviously

func NewProbeSet Uses

func NewProbeSet(howmany int, settype, value string, tags string) (ps ProbeSet)

NewProbeSet create a set of probes for later requests


cmd/atlasThis package is just a collection of use-case for the various aspects of the RIPE API.

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