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package xxhash

import ""


Package Files

xxhash.go xxhash_amd64.go xxhash_safe.go

func Sum64 Uses

func Sum64(b []byte) uint64

Sum64 computes the 64-bit xxHash digest of b.


func Sum64String Uses

func Sum64String(s string) uint64

Sum64String computes the 64-bit xxHash digest of s.

type Digest Uses

type Digest struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Digest implements hash.Hash64.

func New Uses

func New() *Digest

New creates a new Digest that computes the 64-bit xxHash algorithm.

func (*Digest) BlockSize Uses

func (d *Digest) BlockSize() int

BlockSize always returns 32 bytes.

func (*Digest) MarshalBinary Uses

func (d *Digest) MarshalBinary() ([]byte, error)

MarshalBinary implements the encoding.BinaryMarshaler interface.

func (*Digest) Reset Uses

func (d *Digest) Reset()

Reset clears the Digest's state so that it can be reused.

func (*Digest) Size Uses

func (d *Digest) Size() int

Size always returns 8 bytes.

func (*Digest) Sum Uses

func (d *Digest) Sum(b []byte) []byte

Sum appends the current hash to b and returns the resulting slice.

func (*Digest) Sum64 Uses

func (d *Digest) Sum64() uint64

Sum64 returns the current hash.

func (*Digest) UnmarshalBinary Uses

func (d *Digest) UnmarshalBinary(b []byte) error

UnmarshalBinary implements the encoding.BinaryUnmarshaler interface.

func (*Digest) Write Uses

func (d *Digest) Write(b []byte) (n int, err error)

Write adds more data to d. It always returns len(b), nil.

func (*Digest) WriteString Uses

func (d *Digest) WriteString(s string) (n int, err error)

WriteString adds more data to d. It always returns len(s), nil.

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