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package ctconfig

import ""


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type CTGroup Uses

type CTGroup struct {
    Name string
    Logs []LogDescription
    // How long to wait for one log to accept a certificate before moving on to
    // the next.
    Stagger cmd.ConfigDuration

type LogDescription Uses

type LogDescription struct {
    URI             string
    Key             string
    SubmitFinalCert bool


LogDescription contains the information needed to submit certificates to a CT log and verify returned receipts. If TemporalSet is non-nil then URI and Key should be empty.

func (LogDescription) Info Uses

func (ld LogDescription) Info(exp time.Time) (string, string, error)

Info returns the URI and key of the log, either from a plain log description or from the earliest valid shard from a temporal log set

type LogShard Uses

type LogShard struct {
    URI         string
    Key         string
    WindowStart time.Time
    WindowEnd   time.Time

LogShard describes a single shard of a temporally sharded CT log

type TemporalSet Uses

type TemporalSet struct {
    Name   string
    Shards []LogShard

TemporalSet contains a set of temporal shards of a single log

func (*TemporalSet) Setup Uses

func (ts *TemporalSet) Setup() error

Setup initializes the TemporalSet by parsing the start and end dates and verifying WindowEnd > WindowStart

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