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package encoding

import "github.com/open-policy-agent/opa/internal/wasm/encoding"

Package encoding implements WASM module reading and writing.


Package Files

doc.go reader.go writer.go

func CodeEntries Uses

func CodeEntries(m *module.Module) ([]*module.CodeEntry, error)

CodeEntries returns the WASM code entries contained in r.

func ReadCodeEntry Uses

func ReadCodeEntry(r io.Reader) (*module.CodeEntry, error)

ReadCodeEntry reads a binary-encoded WASM code entry from r.

func ReadModule Uses

func ReadModule(r io.Reader) (*module.Module, error)

ReadModule reads a binary-encoded WASM module from r.

func WriteCodeEntry Uses

func WriteCodeEntry(w io.Writer, entry *module.CodeEntry) error

WriteCodeEntry writes a binary encoded representation of entry to w.

func WriteModule Uses

func WriteModule(w io.Writer, module *module.Module) error

WriteModule writes a binary-encoded representation of module to w.

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