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package homedir

import ""


Package Files

homedir_linux.go homedir_unix.go

func Get Uses

func Get() string

Get returns the home directory of the current user with the help of environment variables depending on the target operating system. Returned path should be used with "path/filepath" to form new paths.

func GetShortcutString Uses

func GetShortcutString() string

GetShortcutString returns the string that is shortcut to user's home directory in the native shell of the platform running on.

func GetStatic Uses

func GetStatic() (string, error)

GetStatic returns the home directory for the current user without calling os/user.Current(). This is useful for static-linked binary on glibc-based system, because a call to os/user.Current() in a static binary leads to segfault due to a glibc issue that won't be fixed in a short term. (#29344, golang/go#13470,

func Key Uses

func Key() string

Key returns the env var name for the user's home dir based on the platform being run on

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