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package server

import ""

Package server contains REST server routes and configuration.

Additional information concerning the API can be found in our Developer Guide:


Package Files

auth.go doc.go logger.go recovery.go routes.go server.go webdav.go

func BasicAuth Uses

func BasicAuth() gin.HandlerFunc

func GetCredentials Uses

func GetCredentials(c *gin.Context) (username, password, raw string)

func Logger Uses

func Logger() gin.HandlerFunc

Logger instances a Logger middleware for Gin.

func Recovery Uses

func Recovery() gin.HandlerFunc

Recovery returns a middleware that recovers from any panics and writes a 500 if there was one.

func Start Uses

func Start(ctx context.Context, conf *config.Config)

Start the REST API server using the configuration provided

func WebDAV Uses

func WebDAV(path string, router *gin.RouterGroup, conf *config.Config)

ANY /webdav/*

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