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package global

import ""


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global.go int.go

type Bool Uses

type Bool struct {
    Expression string

Bool is a global Boolean.

func NewBool Uses

func NewBool(name ...string) Bool

NewBool returns a reference to a new global boolean.

func (Bool) BoolFromCtx Uses

func (b Bool) BoolFromCtx(q script.AnyCtx) script.Bool

func (Bool) Get Uses

func (b Bool) Get(q script.Ctx) script.Bool

Get the script.Bool for the global.Bool

func (Bool) Set Uses

func (b Bool) Set(q script.Ctx, value script.Bool)

Set the global.Bool to be script.Bool

type Int Uses

type Int struct {

Int is a global Integer.

func NewInt Uses

func NewInt(name ...string) Int

NewInt returns a reference to a new global integer.

func (Int) Get Uses

func (i Int) Get(q script.Ctx) script.Int

Get the script.Int for the global.Int

func (Int) PlusPlus Uses

func (i Int) PlusPlus(q script.Ctx)

PlusPlus increments the integer by one.

func (Int) Set Uses

func (i Int) Set(q script.Ctx, value script.Int)

Set the global.Int to be script.Int

type Reference Uses

type Reference struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Reference is a global variable reference.

func New Uses

func New(name ...string) Reference

New returns a new globl variable reference.

func (Reference) Ref Uses

func (ref Reference) Ref() string

Ref returns the raw reference.

func (Reference) Set Uses

func (ref Reference) Set(q script.Ctx)

Set is a set method that should be called whenever the parent value is set.

func (Reference) SetFor Uses

func (ref Reference) SetFor(u user.Ctx)

SetFor is a set method that should be called whenever the parent value is set.

type String Uses

type String struct {

String is a global Integer.

func NewString Uses

func NewString(name ...string) String

NewString returns a reference to a new global string.

func (String) Get Uses

func (s String) Get(q script.Ctx) script.String

Get the script.String for the global.String

func (String) Set Uses

func (s String) Set(q script.Ctx, value script.String)

Set the global.String to be script.String

func (String) SetFor Uses

func (s String) SetFor(u user.Ctx, value string)

SetFor the global.String to be the given value.

func (String) StringFromCtx Uses

func (s String) StringFromCtx(q script.AnyCtx) script.String

StringFromCtx implements script.AnyString

type Variable Uses

type Variable interface {
    Ref() string

Variable is any global variable.

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