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package test

import "github.com/qri-io/qri/repo/test"

Package test contains a set of tests to ensure a repo implementation conforms to expected behaviors, calling RunRepoTests on a given repo implementation should pass all checks in order to properly work with Qri. test also has a TestRepo, which uses an in-memory implementation of Repo suited for tests that require a repo


Package Files

test.go test_profilestore.go test_refstore.go test_repo.go


var BadBodyFile = qfs.NewMemfileBytes("bad_csv_file.csv", []byte(`
fm as
's;f a'
sdlfj asdf`))

BadBodyFile is a bunch of bad CSV data

var BadDataFormatFile = qfs.NewMemfileBytes("abc.csv", []byte(`

BadDataFormatFile has weird line lengths

var BadStructureFile = qfs.NewMemfileBytes("badStructure.csv", []byte(`
colA, colB, colB, colC

BadStructureFile has double-named columns

func NewEmptyTestRepo Uses

func NewEmptyTestRepo() (mr *repo.MemRepo, err error)

NewEmptyTestRepo initializes a test repo with no contents

func NewMemRepoFromDir Uses

func NewMemRepoFromDir(path string) (repo.Repo, crypto.PrivKey, error)

NewMemRepoFromDir reads a director of testCases and calls createDataset on each case with the given privatekey, yeilding a repo where the peer with this pk has created each dataset in question

func NewTestRepo Uses

func NewTestRepo() (mr *repo.MemRepo, err error)

NewTestRepo generates a repository usable for testing purposes

func NewTestRepoFromProfileID Uses

func NewTestRepoFromProfileID(id profile.ID, peerNum int, dataIndex int) (repo.Repo, error)

NewTestRepoFromProfileID constructs a repo from a profileID, usable for tests

func NewTestRepoWithHistory Uses

func NewTestRepoWithHistory() (mr *repo.MemRepo, refs []repo.DatasetRef, err error)

NewTestRepoWithHistory generates a repository with a dataset that has a history, usable for testing purposes

func ProfileConfig Uses

func ProfileConfig() *config.ProfilePod

ProfileConfig returns the test profile as a config.Profile

func ReadRepoConfig Uses

func ReadRepoConfig(path string) (pro *profile.Profile, pk crypto.PrivKey, err error)

ReadRepoConfig loads configuration data from a .yaml file

func RunRepoTests Uses

func RunRepoTests(t *testing.T, rmf RepoMakerFunc)

RunRepoTests tests that this repo conforms to expected behaviors

type RepoMakerFunc Uses

type RepoMakerFunc func(t *testing.T) (r repo.Repo, cleanup func())

RepoMakerFunc produces a new instance of a repository when called the returned cleanup function will be called at the end of each test, and can be used to do things like remove temp files

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