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package desktopclass

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/gldi/desktopclass"

Package desktopclass defines a desktop class informations source.


Package Files


type Info Uses

type Info string

Info defines a desktop class informations source.

func (Info) Command Uses

func (class Info) Command() string

Command returns the desktop class command.

func (Info) Icon Uses

func (class Info) Icon() string

Icon returns the desktop class icon.

func (Info) MenuItems Uses

func (class Info) MenuItems() (ret [][]string)

MenuItems returns the list of extra commands for the class, by packs of 3 strings: Name, Command, Icon.

func (Info) Name Uses

func (class Info) Name() string

Name returns the desktop class application name.

func (Info) String Uses

func (class Info) String() string

String returns the desktop class as a string.

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