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package gtktext

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/text/gtktext"

Package gtktext provides helpers to work with strings.




Package Files


func Big Uses

func Big(text string) string

Big formats the text with the big size.

func Bold Uses

func Bold(text string) string

Bold formats the text with the bold font.

func Escape Uses

func Escape(msg string) string

Escape escapes a string to use as gtk text: &<>.

func List Uses

func List(text string) string

List converts a text to a bullet list (prepend " *" to lines )

func Mono Uses

func Mono(text string) string

Mono formats the text with the monospace font.

func Small Uses

func Small(text string) string

Small formats the text with the small size.

func URI Uses

func URI(uri, text string) string

URI formats a link with its text.

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