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package acl

import ""

Package acl performs access control with ACL.


Package Files

acl.go allowlist.go checker.go loader.go


const (
    // new goma client client_id
    GomaClientClientID = ""

type ACL Uses

type ACL struct {

ACL manages access control list.

func (*ACL) Update Uses

func (a *ACL) Update(ctx context.Context) error

Update loads acl by Loader and sets it to Checker.

type AuthDB Uses

type AuthDB interface {
    IsMember(ctx context.Context, email, group string) bool

AuthDB provides authentication database; user groups.

type Checker Uses

type Checker struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Checker checks token.

func (*Checker) CheckToken Uses

func (c *Checker) CheckToken(ctx context.Context, token *oauth2.Token, tokenInfo *auth.TokenInfo) (string, *oauth2.Token, error)

CheckToken checks token and returns group id and token used for backend API.

func (*Checker) Set Uses

func (c *Checker) Set(ctx context.Context, config *pb.ACL) error

Set sets config in the checker.

type DefaultAllowlist Uses

type DefaultAllowlist struct{}

DefaultAllowlist is a loader to provide default allow list, which pass through EUC.

func (DefaultAllowlist) Load Uses

func (DefaultAllowlist) Load(ctx context.Context) (*pb.ACL, error)

type FileLoader Uses

type FileLoader struct {
    Filename string

FileLoader loads acl data from Filename.

func (FileLoader) Load Uses

func (l FileLoader) Load(ctx context.Context) (*pb.ACL, error)

Loads loads acl stored as text proto in file.

type Loader Uses

type Loader interface {
    Load(ctx context.Context) (*pb.ACL, error)

Loader loads acl data.

type StaticLoader Uses

type StaticLoader struct {

StaticLoader loads static acl data.

func (StaticLoader) Load Uses

func (l StaticLoader) Load(ctx context.Context) (*pb.ACL, error)

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