bqlogPackage bqlog provides a mechanism to asynchronously log rows to BigQuery.
gaeauth/clientPackage client implements OAuth2 authentication for outbound connections from Appengine using the application services account.
gaeauth/serverPackage server implements authentication for inbound HTTP requests on GAE.
gaeauth/server/gaesignerPackage gaesigner implements signing.Signer interface using GAE App Identity API.
gaeauth/server/internal/authdbimplPackage authdbimpl implements datastore-based storage and update of AuthDB snapshots used for authorization decisions by server/auth/*.
gaemiddlewarePackage gaemiddleware provides a standard middleware for Appengine apps.
gaemiddleware/flexPackage flex exposes gaemiddleware Environments for AppEngine's Flex environment.
gaemiddleware/standardPackage standard exposes a gaemiddleware Environment for Classic AppEngine.
gaesecretsPackage gaesecrets implements storage of secret blobs on top of datastore.
gaesettingsPackage gaesettings implements settings.Storage interface on top of GAE datastore.
mapperPackage mapper implements a simple Datastore mapper.
mapper/demoBinary demo contains minimal demo for 'mapper' package.
mapper/internal/tasksPackage tasks contains definition of task queue tasks used by the mapper.
mapper/splitterPackage splitter implements SplitIntoRanges function useful when splitting large datastore queries into a bunch of smaller queries with approximately evenly-sized result sets.
memlockPackage memlock allows multiple appengine handlers to coordinate best-effort mutual execution via memcache.
metaPackage meta contains some methods for interacting with GAE's metadata APIs.
tqPackage tq implements simple routing layer for task queue tasks.
tq/tqtestingPackage tqtesting can be used in unit tests to simulate task queue calls produced by tq.Dispatcher.
tsmonPackage tsmon adapts common/tsmon library to GAE environment.

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