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package rpcs

import ""


Package Files

base.go getoauthtoken.go

type BaseResponse Uses

type BaseResponse struct {
    ErrorCode    int    `json:"error_code,omitempty"`
    ErrorMessage string `json:"error_message,omitempty"`

BaseResponse defines optional fields included in all responses.

type GetOAuthTokenRequest Uses

type GetOAuthTokenRequest struct {
    Scopes    []string `json:"scopes"`
    Secret    []byte   `json:"secret"`
    AccountID string   `json:"account_id"`

GetOAuthTokenRequest is parameters for GetOAuthToken RPC call.

func (*GetOAuthTokenRequest) Validate Uses

func (r *GetOAuthTokenRequest) Validate() error

Validate checks that the request is structurally valid.

type GetOAuthTokenResponse Uses

type GetOAuthTokenResponse struct {

    AccessToken string `json:"access_token"`
    Expiry      int64  `json:"expiry"`

GetOAuthTokenResponse is returned by GetOAuthToken RPC call.

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