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package buildbucket

import ""

Package buildbucket is a client library for Buildbucket service.


Package Files

doc.go proto.go


const BuildTokenHeader = "x-build-token"

BuildTokenHeader is the name of gRPC metadata header indicating the build token (see BuildSecrets.BuildToken). It is required in UpdateBuild RPC. Defined in


cliPackage cli implements CLI client for buildbucket service.
cmd/luci_runnerCommand luci_runner runs a LUCI executable.
cmd/run_annotationsCommand run_annotations is a LUCI executable that wraps a command that produces @@@ANNOTATIONS@@@, and converts annotations to build message.
deprecatedPackage deprecated is deprecated part of the buildbucket library.
protoPackage buildbucketpb is generated from Buildbucket .proto files.
protoutilPackage protoutil provides utility functions for protobuf messages in ../proto package.

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