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package impl

import ""

Package impl instantiates the full implementation of the CIPD backend services.

It is imported by GAE's frontend and backend modules that expose appropriate bits and pieces over pRPC and HTTP.


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var (
    // TQ is global Task Queue dispatcher used by the CIPD service.
    // It serializes and routes Task Queue tasks. The tasks are registered in
    // the constructors below. The router is installed in 'backend' module only,
    // since we executed tasks only there.
    TQ  = tq.Dispatcher{BaseURL: "/internal/tq/"}

    // InternalCAS is non-ACLed implementation of cas.StorageService to be used
    // only from within the backend code itself.
    InternalCAS = cas.Internal(&TQ)

    // PublicCAS is ACL-protected implementation of cas.StorageServer that can be
    // exposed as a public API.
    PublicCAS = cas.Public(InternalCAS)

    // PublicRepo is ACL-protected implementation of cipd.RepositoryServer that
    // can be exposed as a public API.
    PublicRepo = repo.Public(InternalCAS, &TQ)

    // AdminAPI is ACL-protected implementation of cipd.AdminServer that can be
    // exposed as an external API to be used by administrators.
    AdminAPI = admin.AdminAPI(&TQ)


adminPackage admin contains implementation of cipd.Admin RPC service.
casPackage cas contains implementation of cipd.Storage service RPC service.
cas/tasksPackage tasks contains task queue tasks definitions.
gsPackage gs implement Google Storage API wrapper used by CIPD backend.
metadataPackage metadata implements handling of prefix metadata.
modelPackage model contains core CIPD datastore entities.
monitoringPackage monitoring implements monitoring used by CIPD backend.
repoPackage repo contains implementation of cipd.Repository service RPC service.
repo/processingPackage processing contains code related to post-registration instance processing.
repo/tasksPackage tasks contains task queue tasks definitions.
rpcaclPackage rpcacl contains helpers for checking ACLs of individual RPCs.
settingsPackage settings contains definition of global CIPD backend settings.
testutilPackage testutil contains helpers used from CIPD backend unit tests.

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