cipdPackage cipd implements client side of Chrome Infra Package Deployer.
cipd/builderPackage builder holds functionality for building CIPD packages.
cipd/deployerPackage deployer holds functionality for deploying CIPD packages.
cipd/digestsPackage digests holds types used by selfupdate mechanism to pin client hashes.
cipd/ensurePackage ensure contains methods and types for interacting with the 'ensure file format'.
cipd/fsPackage fs is file-system related utilities used internally by CIPD.
cipd/internal/retryPackage retry contains helpers for doing tight retry loops.
cipd/pkgPackage pkg contains interfaces and struct related to CIPD package files.
cipd/platformPackage platform contains definition of what ${os} and ${arch} mean for the current platform.
cipd/pluginPackage plugin implements the basic infrastructure for CIPD plugins.
cipd/plugin/admissionPackage admission implements CIPD deployment admission plugins.
cipd/plugin/protocolPackage protocol hosts protobuf messages for the CIPD plugin system.
cipd/readerPackage reader implements reading contents of a CIPD package.
cipd/templatePackage template implements handling of package name templates.
cliPackage cli implements command line interface for CIPD client.
cmd/cipdPackage main contains CIPD CLI implementation that uses Chrome Infrastructure defaults.

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