archiverPackage archiver implements the pipeline to efficiently archive file sets to an isolated server as fast as possible.
cmd/casPackage main is a CAS client.
cmd/docker-credential-luciCommand docker-credential-luci is a Docker credential helper.
cmd/git-credential-luciCommand git-credential-luci is a Git credential helper.
cmd/isolatePackage main is a .isolate compiler that compiles .isolate files into .isolated files and can also act as a client to an Isolate server.
cmd/isolatedPackage main is an Isolate server client.
cmd/isolated/libPackage lib is used to implement the parent package main.
cmd/isolate/libPackage lib is used to implement the parent package main.
cmd/swarmingPackage main is a client to a Swarming server.
cmd/swarming/libPackage lib is used to implement the parent package main.
downloaderPackage downloader implements the pipeline to download file sets from an isolated server.
flagpbPackage flagpb defines a flag format for protobuf messages, implements a parser and a formatter.
internal/commonPackage common implements code and utilities shared across all packages in client/.
internal/progressPackage progress implements a progress indicator for text mode applications.
isolatePackage isolate implements the code to process '.isolate' files to generate '.isolated' files.
versioncliPackage versioncli implements a subcommand for obtaining version with the CLI.

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