api/config/v1Package config contains VM config definitions.
api/instances/v1Package instances contains a GCE instances service.
api/projects/v1Package projects contains GCP project config definitions.
api/tasks/v1Package tasks contains task queue task definitions.
appengine/backendPackage backend includes cron and task queue handlers.
appengine/backend/internal/metricsPackage metrics includes tsmon metric support.
appengine/configPackage config knows how import configs from LUCI-config.
appengine/frontendPackage main is the main entry point for the app.
appengine/modelPackage model contains datastore model definitions.
appengine/rpcPackage rpc contains RPC server implementations.
appengine/rpc/memoryPackage memory contains a RPC servers backed by in-memory storage.
appengine/testing/roundtripperPackage roundtripper contains http.RoundTripper implementations suitable for testing.
vmtokenPackage vmtoken implements parsing and verification of signed GCE VM metadata tokens.
vmtoken/clientPackage client implements client-side fetch and transmission of signed GCE VM metadata tokens.

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