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package internal

import "go.opentelemetry.io/otel/internal"


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func BoolToRaw Uses

func BoolToRaw(b bool) uint64

func Float32ToRaw Uses

func Float32ToRaw(f float32) uint64

func Float64ToRaw Uses

func Float64ToRaw(f float64) uint64

func Int32ToRaw Uses

func Int32ToRaw(i int32) uint64

func Int64ToRaw Uses

func Int64ToRaw(i int64) uint64

func RawPtrToFloat64Ptr Uses

func RawPtrToFloat64Ptr(r *uint64) *float64

func RawPtrToInt64Ptr Uses

func RawPtrToInt64Ptr(r *uint64) *int64

func RawPtrToUint64Ptr Uses

func RawPtrToUint64Ptr(r *uint64) *uint64

func RawToBool Uses

func RawToBool(r uint64) bool

func RawToFloat32 Uses

func RawToFloat32(r uint64) float32

func RawToFloat64 Uses

func RawToFloat64(r uint64) float64

func RawToInt32 Uses

func RawToInt32(r uint64) int32

func RawToInt64 Uses

func RawToInt64(r uint64) int64

func RawToUint32 Uses

func RawToUint32(r uint64) uint32

func RawToUint64 Uses

func RawToUint64(r uint64) uint64

func Uint32ToRaw Uses

func Uint32ToRaw(u uint32) uint64

func Uint64ToRaw Uses

func Uint64ToRaw(u uint64) uint64


baggagePackage baggage provides types and functions to manage W3C Baggage.
trace/noopPackage noop provides noop tracing implementations for tracer and span.

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