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package asset

import ""

Package asset provides access to application-bundled assets.

On Android, assets are accessed via android.content.res.AssetManager. These files are stored in the assets/ directory of the app. Any raw asset can be accessed by its direct relative name. For example assets/img.png can be opened with Open("img.png").

On iOS an asset is a resource stored in the application bundle. Resources can be loaded using the same relative paths.

For consistency when debugging on a desktop, assets are read from a directory named assets under the current working directory.


Package Files

asset.go asset_desktop.go doc.go

type File Uses

type File interface {

File is an open asset.

func Open Uses

func Open(name string) (File, error)

Open opens a named asset.

Errors are of type *os.PathError.

This must not be called from init when used in android apps.

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