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package dynconfig

import ""

Package dynconfig supports dynamic configuration for pkgsite services. Dynamic configuration is read from a file and can change over the lifetime of the process.


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type DynamicConfig Uses

type DynamicConfig struct {
    Experiments []*internal.Experiment

DynamicConfig holds configuration that can change over the lifetime of the process. It is loaded from a GCS file or other external source.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(yamlData []byte) (_ *DynamicConfig, err error)

Parse parses yamlData as a YAML description of DynamicConfig.

func Read Uses

func Read(ctx context.Context, location string) (_ *DynamicConfig, err error)

Read reads dynamic configuration from the given location. Location may be of the form gs://bucket/object, denoting a GCS bucket. Otherwise it is interpreted as a filename.

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