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package at

import "hidevops.io/hiboot/pkg/at"

Package at provides annotations for struct

Package at provides annotations for web RestController


Package Files

component.go configuration.go contextaware.go doc.go healthcheck.go qualifier.go request.go response.go restcontroller.go

type AutoConfiguration Uses

type AutoConfiguration interface{}

AutoConfiguration is the annotation of auto configuration

type Component Uses

type Component interface{}

Component is the annotation that the dependency is injected in app init.

type ConfigurationProperties Uses

type ConfigurationProperties interface{}

ConfigurationProperties is the annotation that annotate configuration properties

type ContextAware Uses

type ContextAware interface{}

ContextAware is the annotation that it is the ability of a component to be injected when method of Rest Controller is requested. type Example struct {



type ContextPath Uses

type ContextPath interface{}

ContextPath is the annotation that set the context path of a controller

type HealthCheckService Uses

type HealthCheckService interface {

HealthCheckService is the annotation for health check service

type JwtRestController Uses

type JwtRestController interface{}

JwtRestController is the annotation that declare current controller is the RESTful Controller with JWT support

type Qualifier Uses

type Qualifier interface {

Qualifier is the annotation that used for disambiguate the references.

type RequestBody Uses

type RequestBody interface{}

RequestBody the annotation RequestBody

type RequestForm Uses

type RequestForm struct{}

RequestForm the annotation RequestForm

type RequestParams Uses

type RequestParams interface{}

RequestParams the annotation RequestParams

type ResponseBody Uses

type ResponseBody interface{}

ResponseBody the annotation ResponseBody

type ResponseData Uses

type ResponseData interface{}

ResponseData the annotation ResponseData

type RestController Uses

type RestController interface{}

RestController is the annotation that declare current controller is the RESTful Controller

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