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package cpu

import "internal/cpu"

Package cpu implements processor feature detection used by the Go standard library.


Package Files

cpu.go cpu_amd64.go cpu_x86.go


const CacheLinePadSize = 64
const GOARCH = "amd64"


var ARM arm
var ARM64 arm64
var CacheLineSize uintptr = CacheLinePadSize

CacheLineSize is the CPU's assumed cache line size. There is currently no runtime detection of the real cache line size so we use the constant per GOARCH CacheLinePadSize as an approximation.

var DebugOptions bool

DebugOptions is set to true by the runtime if the OS supports reading GODEBUG early in runtime startup. This should not be changed after it is initialized.

var PPC64 ppc64
var S390X s390x
var X86 x86

func Initialize Uses

func Initialize(env string)

Initialize examines the processor and sets the relevant variables above. This is called by the runtime package early in program initialization, before normal init functions are run. env is set by runtime if the OS supports cpu feature options in GODEBUG.

type CacheLinePad Uses

type CacheLinePad struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CacheLinePad is used to pad structs to avoid false sharing.

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