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crypto/chacha20poly1305Package chacha20poly1305 implements the ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD as specified in RFC 7539.
crypto/cryptobytePackage cryptobyte contains types that help with parsing and constructing length-prefixed, binary messages, including ASN.1 DER.
crypto/cryptobyte/asn1Package asn1 contains supporting types for parsing and building ASN.1 messages with the cryptobyte package.
crypto/curve25519Package curve25519 provides an implementation of scalar multiplication on the elliptic curve known as curve25519.
crypto/hkdfPackage hkdf implements the HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (HKDF) as defined in RFC 5869.
crypto/internal/chacha20Package ChaCha20 implements the core ChaCha20 function as specified in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7539#section-2.3.
crypto/poly1305Package poly1305 implements Poly1305 one-time message authentication code as specified in https://cr.yp.to/mac/poly1305-20050329.pdf.
net/dns/dnsmessagePackage dnsmessage provides a mostly RFC 1035 compliant implementation of DNS message packing and unpacking.
net/http2/hpackPackage hpack implements HPACK, a compression format for efficiently representing HTTP header fields in the context of HTTP/2.
net/http/httpgutsPackage httpguts provides functions implementing various details of the HTTP specification.
net/http/httpproxyPackage httpproxy provides support for HTTP proxy determination based on environment variables, as provided by net/http's ProxyFromEnvironment function.
net/idnaPackage idna implements IDNA2008 using the compatibility processing defined by UTS (Unicode Technical Standard) #46, which defines a standard to deal with the transition from IDNA2003.
net/routePackage route provides basic functions for the manipulation of packet routing facilities on BSD variants.
text/securesecure is a repository of text security related packages.
text/secure/bidirulePackage bidirule implements the Bidi Rule defined by RFC 5893.
text/transformPackage transform provides reader and writer wrappers that transform the bytes passing through as well as various transformations.
text/unicodeunicode holds packages with implementations of Unicode standards that are mostly used as building blocks for other packages in internal/x/text, layout engines, or are otherwise more low-level in nature.
text/unicode/bidiPackage bidi contains functionality for bidirectional text support.
text/unicode/normPackage norm contains types and functions for normalizing Unicode strings.

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