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package server

import ""


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monitoring.go server.go


var (
    // GroupTag holds the resource group for the context.
    GroupTag = monitoring.MustCreateLabel(group)

    // VersionTag holds the resource version for the context.
    VersionTag = monitoring.MustCreateLabel(version)

    // ResourceTag holds the resource name for the context.
    ResourceTag = monitoring.MustCreateLabel(resourceTag)

    // ReasonTag holds the error reason for the context.
    ReasonTag = monitoring.MustCreateLabel(reason)

    // StatusTag holds the error code for the context.
    StatusTag = monitoring.MustCreateLabel(status)

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    // Schemas provides a description of all configuration resources.
    Schemas collection.Schemas

    // DomainSuffix is the DNS domain suffix for Pilot CRD resources,
    // e.g. cluster.local.
    DomainSuffix string

    // Port where the webhook is served. the number should be greater than 1024 for non-root
    // user, because non-root user cannot bind port number less than 1024
    // Mainly used for testing. Webhook server is started by Istiod.
    Port uint

    // Use an existing mux instead of creating our own.
    Mux *http.ServeMux

Options contains the configuration for the Istio Pilot validation admission controller.

func DefaultArgs Uses

func DefaultArgs() Options

DefaultArgs allocates an Options struct initialized with Webhook's default configuration.

func (Options) String Uses

func (o Options) String() string

String produces a stringified version of the arguments for debugging.

func (Options) Validate Uses

func (o Options) Validate() error

Validate tests if the Options has valid params.

type Webhook Uses

type Webhook struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Webhook implements the validating admission webhook for validating Istio configuration.

func New Uses

func New(p Options) (*Webhook, error)

New creates a new instance of the admission webhook server.

func (*Webhook) Run Uses

func (wh *Webhook) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run implements the webhook server

func (*Webhook) Stop Uses

func (wh *Webhook) Stop()

Stop the server

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