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package modes

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubeapiserver/authorizer/modes"


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const (
    // ModeAlwaysAllow is the mode to set all requests as authorized
    ModeAlwaysAllow string = "AlwaysAllow"
    // ModeAlwaysDeny is the mode to set no requests as authorized
    ModeAlwaysDeny string = "AlwaysDeny"
    // ModeABAC is the mode to use Attribute Based Access Control to authorize
    ModeABAC string = "ABAC"
    // ModeWebhook is the mode to make an external webhook call to authorize
    ModeWebhook string = "Webhook"
    // ModeRBAC is the mode to use Role Based Access Control to authorize
    ModeRBAC string = "RBAC"
    // ModeNode is an authorization mode that authorizes API requests made by kubelets.
    ModeNode string = "Node"


var AuthorizationModeChoices = []string{ModeAlwaysAllow, ModeAlwaysDeny, ModeABAC, ModeWebhook, ModeRBAC, ModeNode}

AuthorizationModeChoices is the list of supported authorization modes

func IsValidAuthorizationMode Uses

func IsValidAuthorizationMode(authzMode string) bool

IsValidAuthorizationMode returns true if the given authorization mode is a valid one for the apiserver

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