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package annotate

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubectl/cmd/annotate"


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func NewCmdAnnotate Uses

func NewCmdAnnotate(parent string, f cmdutil.Factory, ioStreams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command

NewCmdAnnotate creates the `annotate` command

type AnnotateOptions Uses

type AnnotateOptions struct {
    PrintFlags *genericclioptions.PrintFlags
    PrintObj   printers.ResourcePrinterFunc

    // Filename options
    RecordFlags *genericclioptions.RecordFlags

    Recorder genericclioptions.Recorder

    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AnnotateOptions have the data required to perform the annotate operation

func NewAnnotateOptions Uses

func NewAnnotateOptions(ioStreams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *AnnotateOptions

NewAnnotateOptions creates the options for annotate

func (*AnnotateOptions) Complete Uses

func (o *AnnotateOptions) Complete(f cmdutil.Factory, cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error

Complete adapts from the command line args and factory to the data required.

func (AnnotateOptions) RunAnnotate Uses

func (o AnnotateOptions) RunAnnotate() error

RunAnnotate does the work

func (AnnotateOptions) Validate Uses

func (o AnnotateOptions) Validate() error

Validate checks to the AnnotateOptions to see if there is sufficient information run the command.

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