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package fs

import ""

Package fs contains utilities for interacting with the host filesystem in a docker friendly way TODO(bentheelder): this should be internal


Package Files


func Copy Uses

func Copy(src, dst string) error

Copy recursively directories, symlinks, files copies from src to dst Copy will make dirs as necessary, and keep file modes Symlinks will be dereferenced similar to `cp -r src dst`

func CopyFile Uses

func CopyFile(src, dst string) (err error)

CopyFile copies a file from src to dst

func IsAbs Uses

func IsAbs(hostPath string) bool

IsAbs is like filepath.IsAbs but also considering posix absolute paths to be absolute even if filepath.IsAbs would not This fixes the case of Posix paths on Windows

func TempDir Uses

func TempDir(dir, prefix string) (name string, err error)

TempDir is like ioutil.TempDir, but more docker friendly

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