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package auditor

import "v.io/x/ref/services/identity/internal/auditor"


Package Files

blessing_auditor.go mock_auditor.go sql_database.go

type BlessingEntry Uses

type BlessingEntry struct {
    Email              string
    Caveats            []security.Caveat
    Timestamp          time.Time // Time when the blesings were created.
    RevocationCaveatID string
    Blessings          security.Blessings
    DecodeError        error

BlessingEntry contains important logged information about a blessed principal.

type BlessingLogReader Uses

type BlessingLogReader interface {
    Read(ctx *context.T, email string) <-chan BlessingEntry

BlessingLogReader provides the Read method to read audit logs. Read returns a channel of BlessingEntrys whose extension matches the provided email.

func NewMockBlessingAuditor Uses

func NewMockBlessingAuditor() (audit.Auditor, BlessingLogReader)

func NewSQLBlessingAuditor Uses

func NewSQLBlessingAuditor(ctx *context.T, sqlDB *sql.DB) (audit.Auditor, BlessingLogReader, error)

NewSQLBlessingAuditor returns an auditor for wrapping a principal with, and a BlessingLogReader for reading the audits made by that auditor. The config is used to construct the connection to the SQL database that the auditor and BlessingLogReader use.

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