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package server

import "v.io/x/ref/services/identity/internal/server"

HTTP server that uses OAuth to create security.Blessings objects.


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type IdentityServer Uses

type IdentityServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewIdentityServer Uses

func NewIdentityServer(oauthProvider oauth.OAuthProvider, auditor audit.Auditor, blessingLogReader auditor.BlessingLogReader, revocationManager revocation.RevocationManager, caveatSelector caveats.CaveatSelector, assetsPrefix, mountNamePrefix, dischargerLocation string, registeredApps handlers.RegisteredAppMap) *IdentityServer

NewIdentityServer returns a IdentityServer that: - uses oauthProvider to authenticate users - auditor and blessingLogReader to audit the root principal and read audit logs - revocationManager to store revocation data and grant discharges

func (*IdentityServer) Listen Uses

func (s *IdentityServer) Listen(ctx, oauthCtx *context.T, externalHTTPAddr, httpAddr, tlsConfig string) (rpc.Server, []string, string)

func (*IdentityServer) Serve Uses

func (s *IdentityServer) Serve(ctx, oauthCtx *context.T, externalHTTPAddr, httpAddr, tlsConfig string)

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