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package xproxy

import "v.io/x/ref/services/xproxy"

Package xproxy enables services to export (proxy) themselves across networks (behind NATs for example).

When clients connect to services through a proxy, the communication between the client and service is authenticated and encrypted end-to-end. In other words, the proxy will not be privy to the blessings used by the client to authenticate with the server nor will it be able to decipher the content of the requests and responses between the two. A more detailed explanation of this is available at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ONrnxGhOrA8pd0pK0aN5Ued2Q1Eju4zn7vlLt9nzIRA/edit?usp=sharing

For processes to export services through a proxy, the ListenSpec needs to include the object name of the proxy service. This can be done via the --v23.proxy flag or programmatically with something like:

ls := rpc.ListenSpec{Proxy: "proxy"}
ctx = v23.WithListenSpec(ctx, ls)
ctx, server, err := v23.WithNewServer(ctx, "server_name", dispatcher(), authorizer())

Once the server has successfully exported its services through the proxy, "server_name" will resolve to an endpoint that directs through the proxy. and server.Status().Endpoints will include the endpoint.


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xproxyPackage xproxy contains the implementation of the proxy service.
xproxydCommand proxyd is a daemon that listens for connections from Vanadium services (typically behind NATs) and proxies these services to the outside world.

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