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package layout

import ""

Package layout transforms content by applying Go templates to the content and metadata of HTML files. This plugin can be easily used with the "frontmatter" and "markdown" plugins to generate easy to maintain content-driven websites that are completely decoupled from layout details.


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type Layout Uses

type Layout struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Layout chainable context.

func New Uses

func New() *Layout

New creates a new instance of the Layout plugin.

func (*Layout) ContentKey Uses

func (layout *Layout) ContentKey(key string) *Layout

ContentKey sets the metadata key used to access the source content (default: "Content").

func (*Layout) Finalize Uses

func (plugin *Layout) Finalize(context *goldsmith.Context) error

func (*Layout) Helpers Uses

func (plugin *Layout) Helpers(helpers template.FuncMap) *Layout

Helpers sets the function map used to lookup template helper functions.

func (*Layout) Initialize Uses

func (plugin *Layout) Initialize(context *goldsmith.Context) (goldsmith.Filter, error)

func (*Layout) LayoutKey Uses

func (plugin *Layout) LayoutKey(key string) *Layout

LayoutKey sets the metadata key used to access the layout identifier (default: "Layout").

func (*Layout) Name Uses

func (*Layout) Name() string

func (*Layout) Process Uses

func (plugin *Layout) Process(context *goldsmith.Context, inputFile *goldsmith.File) error

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