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package cluster

import ""


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cluster.go filters.go helpers.go listen_addr.go listen_addr_linux.go noderunner.go secrets.go utils.go

type Cluster Uses

type Cluster struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Cluster provides capabilities to participate in a cluster as a worker or a manager.

func New Uses

func New(config Config) (*Cluster, error)

New creates a new Cluster instance using provided config.

func (*Cluster) AttachNetwork Uses

func (c *Cluster) AttachNetwork(target string, containerID string, addresses []string) (*network.NetworkingConfig, error)

AttachNetwork generates an attachment request towards the manager.

func (*Cluster) Cleanup Uses

func (c *Cluster) Cleanup()

Cleanup stops active swarm node. This is run before daemon shutdown.

func (*Cluster) CreateNetwork Uses

func (c *Cluster) CreateNetwork(s apitypes.NetworkCreateRequest) (string, error)

CreateNetwork creates a new cluster managed network.

func (*Cluster) CreateSecret Uses

func (c *Cluster) CreateSecret(s types.SecretSpec) (string, error)

CreateSecret creates a new secret in a managed swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) CreateService Uses

func (c *Cluster) CreateService(s types.ServiceSpec, encodedAuth string) (*apitypes.ServiceCreateResponse, error)

CreateService creates a new service in a managed swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) DetachNetwork Uses

func (c *Cluster) DetachNetwork(target string, containerID string) error

DetachNetwork unblocks the waiters waiting on WaitForDetachment so that a request to detach can be generated towards the manager.

func (*Cluster) GetAdvertiseAddress Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetAdvertiseAddress() string

GetAdvertiseAddress returns the remotely reachable address of this node.

func (*Cluster) GetListenAddress Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetListenAddress() string

GetListenAddress returns the listen address.

func (*Cluster) GetLocalAddress Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetLocalAddress() string

GetLocalAddress returns the local address.

func (*Cluster) GetNetwork Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetNetwork(input string) (apitypes.NetworkResource, error)

GetNetwork returns a cluster network by an ID.

func (*Cluster) GetNetworks Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetNetworks() ([]apitypes.NetworkResource, error)

GetNetworks returns all current cluster managed networks.

func (*Cluster) GetNetworksByName Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetNetworksByName(name string) ([]apitypes.NetworkResource, error)

GetNetworksByName returns cluster managed networks by name. It is ok to have multiple networks here. #18864

func (*Cluster) GetNode Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetNode(input string) (types.Node, error)

GetNode returns a node based on an ID or name.

func (*Cluster) GetNodes Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetNodes(options apitypes.NodeListOptions) ([]types.Node, error)

GetNodes returns a list of all nodes known to a cluster.

func (*Cluster) GetRemoteAddress Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetRemoteAddress() string

GetRemoteAddress returns a known advertise address of a remote manager if available. todo: change to array/connect with info

func (*Cluster) GetSecret Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetSecret(id string) (types.Secret, error)

GetSecret returns a secret from a managed swarm cluster

func (*Cluster) GetSecrets Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetSecrets(options apitypes.SecretListOptions) ([]types.Secret, error)

GetSecrets returns all secrets of a managed swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) GetService Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetService(input string) (types.Service, error)

GetService returns a service based on an ID or name.

func (*Cluster) GetServices Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetServices(options apitypes.ServiceListOptions) ([]types.Service, error)

GetServices returns all services of a managed swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) GetTask Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetTask(input string) (types.Task, error)

GetTask returns a task by an ID.

func (*Cluster) GetTasks Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetTasks(options apitypes.TaskListOptions) ([]types.Task, error)

GetTasks returns a list of tasks matching the filter options.

func (*Cluster) GetUnlockKey Uses

func (c *Cluster) GetUnlockKey() (string, error)

GetUnlockKey returns the unlock key for the swarm.

func (*Cluster) Info Uses

func (c *Cluster) Info() types.Info

Info returns information about the current cluster state.

func (*Cluster) Init Uses

func (c *Cluster) Init(req types.InitRequest) (string, error)

Init initializes new cluster from user provided request.

func (*Cluster) Inspect Uses

func (c *Cluster) Inspect() (types.Swarm, error)

Inspect retrieves the configuration properties of a managed swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) IsAgent Uses

func (c *Cluster) IsAgent() bool

IsAgent returns true if Cluster is participating as a worker/agent.

func (*Cluster) IsManager Uses

func (c *Cluster) IsManager() bool

IsManager returns true if Cluster is participating as a manager.

func (*Cluster) Join Uses

func (c *Cluster) Join(req types.JoinRequest) error

Join makes current Cluster part of an existing swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) Leave Uses

func (c *Cluster) Leave(force bool) error

Leave shuts down Cluster and removes current state.

func (*Cluster) ListenClusterEvents Uses

func (c *Cluster) ListenClusterEvents() <-chan struct{}

ListenClusterEvents returns a channel that receives messages on cluster participation changes. todo: make cancelable and accessible to multiple callers

func (*Cluster) RemoveNetwork Uses

func (c *Cluster) RemoveNetwork(input string) error

RemoveNetwork removes a cluster network.

func (*Cluster) RemoveNode Uses

func (c *Cluster) RemoveNode(input string, force bool) error

RemoveNode removes a node from a cluster

func (*Cluster) RemoveSecret Uses

func (c *Cluster) RemoveSecret(id string) error

RemoveSecret removes a secret from a managed swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) RemoveService Uses

func (c *Cluster) RemoveService(input string) error

RemoveService removes a service from a managed swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) ServiceLogs Uses

func (c *Cluster) ServiceLogs(ctx context.Context, input string, config *backend.ContainerLogsConfig, started chan struct{}) error

ServiceLogs collects service logs and writes them back to `config.OutStream`

func (*Cluster) UnlockSwarm Uses

func (c *Cluster) UnlockSwarm(req types.UnlockRequest) error

UnlockSwarm provides a key to decrypt data that is encrypted at rest.

func (*Cluster) Update Uses

func (c *Cluster) Update(version uint64, spec types.Spec, flags types.UpdateFlags) error

Update updates configuration of a managed swarm cluster.

func (*Cluster) UpdateAttachment Uses

func (c *Cluster) UpdateAttachment(target, containerID string, config *network.NetworkingConfig) error

UpdateAttachment signals the attachment config to the attachment waiter who is trying to start or attach the container to the network.

func (*Cluster) UpdateNode Uses

func (c *Cluster) UpdateNode(input string, version uint64, spec types.NodeSpec) error

UpdateNode updates existing nodes properties.

func (*Cluster) UpdateSecret Uses

func (c *Cluster) UpdateSecret(id string, version uint64, spec types.SecretSpec) error

UpdateSecret updates a secret in a managed swarm cluster. Note: this is not exposed to the CLI but is available from the API only

func (*Cluster) UpdateService Uses

func (c *Cluster) UpdateService(serviceIDOrName string, version uint64, spec types.ServiceSpec, encodedAuth string, registryAuthFrom string) (*apitypes.ServiceUpdateResponse, error)

UpdateService updates existing service to match new properties.

func (*Cluster) WaitForDetachment Uses

func (c *Cluster) WaitForDetachment(ctx context.Context, networkName, networkID, taskID, containerID string) error

WaitForDetachment waits for the container to stop or detach from the network.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Root                   string
    Name                   string
    Backend                executorpkg.Backend
    NetworkSubnetsProvider NetworkSubnetsProvider

    // DefaultAdvertiseAddr is the default host/IP or network interface to use
    // if no AdvertiseAddr value is specified.
    DefaultAdvertiseAddr string

    // path to store runtime state, such as the swarm control socket
    RuntimeRoot string

Config provides values for Cluster.

type NetworkSubnetsProvider Uses

type NetworkSubnetsProvider interface {
    V4Subnets() []net.IPNet
    V6Subnets() []net.IPNet

NetworkSubnetsProvider exposes functions for retrieving the subnets of networks managed by Docker, so they can be filtered.



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