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package appinfo

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/appinfo"

Package appinfo provides an applets list with edit applet info widget.


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type ConfApplet Uses

type ConfApplet struct {

    Applets *map[string]datatype.Appleter // List of applets known by the Dock.
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfApplet provides an applets list with edit applet info widget.

func New Uses

func New(source cftype.Source, log cdtype.Logger, switcher *pageswitch.Switcher) *ConfApplet

New creates a widget to list cairo-dock applets and themes.

func NewLoaded Uses

func NewLoaded(source cftype.Source, log cdtype.Logger, switcher *pageswitch.Switcher) *ConfApplet

NewLoaded creates a widget to list cairo-dock applets and themes and loads data.

func (*ConfApplet) Clear Uses

func (widget *ConfApplet) Clear()

Clear clears the widget data.

func (*ConfApplet) Load Uses

func (widget *ConfApplet) Load()

Load list of applets in the appletlist.

func (*ConfApplet) OnSelect Uses

func (widget *ConfApplet) OnSelect(selpack datatype.Appleter)

OnSelect reacts when a row is selected. Sets the new selected package.

func (*ConfApplet) Save Uses

func (widget *ConfApplet) Save()

Save saves current applet info (user clicked the save button).

func (*ConfApplet) SetControlInstall Uses

func (widget *ConfApplet) SetControlInstall(ctrl appletlist.ControlInstall)

SetControlInstall forwards the list controler to the menu for updates.

type EditInfo Uses

type EditInfo struct {
    Title         *cftype.Key
    Author        *cftype.Key
    Version       *cftype.Key
    Category      *cftype.Key
    MultiInstance *cftype.Key
    ActAsLauncher *cftype.Key
    Description   *cftype.Key
    Name          *cftype.Key
    Icon          *cftype.Key
    Path          *cftype.Key
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

EditInfo defines an applet info edit widget.

func NewEdit Uses

func NewEdit(log cdtype.Logger) *EditInfo

NewEdit creates a welcome widget with informations about the program.

func (*EditInfo) Edited Uses

func (ed *EditInfo) Edited() map[packages.AppInfoField]interface{}

Edited returns the list of edited fields.

func (*EditInfo) NewBuilder Uses

func (ed *EditInfo) NewBuilder(source cftype.Source, log cdtype.Logger, switcher *pageswitch.Switcher) cftype.Grouper

NewBuilder creates the builder widget to edit applet info.

func (*EditInfo) SetPack Uses

func (ed *EditInfo) SetPack(pack *packages.AppletPackage)

SetPack applies package data in the editor.

type GUIControl Uses

type GUIControl interface {
    ListKnownApplets() map[string]datatype.Appleter

GUIControl is the interface to the main GUI and data source.

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