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package gunvalue

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/gtk/gunvalue"

Package gunvalue provides some help to work with glib.Value.


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func SelectedIter Uses

func SelectedIter(model *gtk.ListStore, selection *gtk.TreeSelection) (*gtk.TreeIter, error)

SelectedIter returns the iter matching the selected line.

type Conv Uses

type Conv struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Conv converts a glib.Value to a usable go type.

func New Uses

func New(gval *glib.Value, err error) Conv

New converts the glib.Value func result to a usable go value. can be used with TreeModel.GetValue

func SelectedValue Uses

func SelectedValue(model *gtk.ListStore, selection *gtk.TreeSelection, row int) Conv

SelectedValue returns the liststore row value for the selected line as converter.

func (Conv) Int Uses

func (c Conv) Int() (int, error)

Int converts the value to an int.

func (Conv) Pointer Uses

func (c Conv) Pointer() (unsafe.Pointer, error)

Pointer converts the value to a pointer.

func (Conv) String Uses

func (c Conv) String() (string, error)

String converts the value to a string.

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