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package deprecated

import ""

Package deprecated is deprecated part of the buildbucket library. TODO(nodir): delete it when Buildbot is dead.


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func BucketNameToV2 Uses

func BucketNameToV2(v1Bucket string) (project string, bucket string)

BucketNameToV2 converts a v1 Bucket name to the v2 constituent parts. An error is returned if the bucketname does not match the expected format. The difference between the bucket name is that v2 uses short names, for example: v1: luci.chromium.try v2: try "luci" is dropped, "chromium" is recorded as the project, "try" is the name. If the bucket does not conform to this convention, or if it is not a luci bucket, then this return and empty string for both project and bucket.

func BuildToV2 Uses

func BuildToV2(msg *v1.LegacyApiCommonBuildMessage) (b *pb.Build, err error)

BuildToV2 converts a v1 build message to v2.

The returned build may be incomplete if msg is incomplete. For example, if msg is a partial response and does not have builder name, the returned build won't have it either.

The returned build does not include steps. Returns an error if msg is malformed.

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