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package protoutil

import ""

Package protoutil provides utility functions for protobuf messages in ../proto package.


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const BuildMediaType = "application/luci+proto; message=buildbucket.v2.Build"

BuildMediaType is a media type for a binary-encoded Build message.

func BuildSets Uses

func BuildSets(b *pb.Build) []string

BuildSets returns all of the buildsets of the build.

func FormatBuilderID Uses

func FormatBuilderID(id *pb.BuilderID) string

FormatBuilderID returns "{project}/{bucket}/{builder}" string.

func GerritBuildSet Uses

func GerritBuildSet(c *pb.GerritChange) string

GerritBuildSet returns a buildset representation of c, e.g. "patch/gerrit/"

func GerritChangeURL Uses

func GerritChangeURL(c *pb.GerritChange) string

GerritChangeURL returns URL of the change.

func GitilesBuildSet Uses

func GitilesBuildSet(c *pb.GitilesCommit) string

GitilesBuildSet returns a buildset representation of c. e.g. "commit/gitiles/"

func GitilesCommitURL Uses

func GitilesCommitURL(c *pb.GitilesCommit) string

GitilesCommitURL returns the URL for the gitiles commit. e.g. "" or "" if id is not available.

func GitilesRepoURL Uses

func GitilesRepoURL(c *pb.GitilesCommit) string

GitilesRepoURL returns the URL for the gitiles repo. e.g. ""

func IsEnded Uses

func IsEnded(s pb.Status) bool

IsEnded returns true if s is final.

func ParseBuildSet Uses

func ParseBuildSet(buildSet string) proto.Message

ParseBuildSet tries to parse buildset as one of the known formats. May return *pb.GerritChange, *pb.GitilesCommit or nil.

func ParseBuilderID Uses

func ParseBuilderID(s string) (*pb.BuilderID, error)

ParseBuilderID parses a "{project}/{bucket}/{builder}" string. Opposite of FormatBuilderID.

func ParseGetBuildRequest Uses

func ParseGetBuildRequest(s string) (*pb.GetBuildRequest, error)

ParseGetBuildRequest parses a GetBuild request. Supports two forms: - <build-id> - <project>/<bucket>/<builder>/<build-number>

func ParseStringPair Uses

func ParseStringPair(p *pb.StringPair) string

ParseStringPair parses StringPair to "<key>:<value>".

func ParseStringPairs Uses

func ParseStringPairs(p []*pb.StringPair) []string

ParseStringPair parses a list of StringPairs.

func RunDuration Uses

func RunDuration(b *pb.Build) (duration time.Duration, ok bool)

RunDuration returns duration between build start and end.

func SchedulingDuration Uses

func SchedulingDuration(b *pb.Build) (duration time.Duration, ok bool)

SchedulingDuration returns duration between build creation and start.

func Search(ctx context.Context, buildC chan<- *pb.Build, client pb.BuildsClient, requests ...*pb.SearchBuildsRequest) error

Search searches for builds continuously, sending findings to buildC until the search is exhausted or context is canceled. The builds are ordered newest-to-oldest and deduplicated.

If len(requests) > 1, the builds represent a union of the search requests.

Search does not return a next page token because ctx can be canceled in the middle of a page and because Search supports multiple requests.

func SortStringPairs Uses

func SortStringPairs(pairs []*pb.StringPair)

SortStringPairs sorts string pairs.

func StringPairs Uses

func StringPairs(m strpair.Map) []*pb.StringPair

StringPairs converts a strpair.Map to a slice of StringPair messages.

func Tags Uses

func Tags(b *pb.Build) strpair.Map

Tags parses b.Tags as a strpair.Map.

func ValidateBuilderID Uses

func ValidateBuilderID(b *pb.BuilderID) error

ValidateBuilderID validates the given builder ID. Bucket and Builder are optional and only validated if specified.

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