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package downloader

import ""

Package archiver implements the pipeline to efficiently archive file sets to an isolated server as fast as possible.


Package Files

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type Downloader Uses

type Downloader struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Downloader is a high level interface to an isolatedclient.Client.

Downloader provides functionality to download full isolated trees.

func New Uses

func New(ctx context.Context, c *isolatedclient.Client, maxConcurrentJobs int) *Downloader

New returns a Downloader instance.

ctx will be used for logging.

func (*Downloader) FetchIsolated Uses

func (d *Downloader) FetchIsolated(hash isolated.HexDigest, outputDir string) ([]string, error)

FetchIsolated downloads an entire isolated tree into a specified output directory.

Returns a list of paths relative to outputDir for all downloaded files.

Note that this method is not thread-safe and it does not flush the Downloader's directory cache.

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