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package core

import ""

Package core provides functions for reading core dumps and examining their contained heaps.


Package Files

mmapfile.go raw.go

type RawAllocSample Uses

type RawAllocSample struct {
    Addr uint64           // address of object
    Prof *RawMemProfEntry // record of allocation site

RawAllocSample represents a memory profiler allocation sample.

type RawDefer Uses

type RawDefer struct {
    Addr     uint64 // address of the defer record
    GAddr    uint64 // address of the containing goroutine's descriptor
    ArgP     uint64 // stack pointer giving the args for defer (TODO: is this right?)
    PC       uint64 // PC of the defer instruction
    FnAddr   uint64 // function to be run (a FuncVal*)
    FnPC     uint64 // PC of the defered function's entry point
    LinkAddr uint64 // address of the next defer record in this chain

RawDefer represents a defer.

type RawDump Uses

type RawDump struct {
    Params   *RawParams
    MemStats *runtime.MemStats

    HeapObjects    []RawSegment // heap objects sorted by Addr, low-to-high
    GlobalSegments []RawSegment // data, bss, and noptrbss segments

    OSThreads   []*RawOSThread
    Goroutines  []*RawGoroutine
    StackFrames []*RawStackFrame
    OtherRoots  []*RawOtherRoot
    Finalizers  []*RawFinalizer
    Defers      []*RawDefer
    Panics      []*RawPanic

    TypeFromItab map[uint64]uint64   // map from itab address to the type address that itab represents
    TypeFromAddr map[uint64]*RawType // map from RawType.Addr to RawType

    MemProfMap   map[uint64]*RawMemProfEntry
    AllocSamples []*RawAllocSample
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RawDump provides raw access to the heap records in a core file. The raw records in this file are described by other structs named Raw{*}. All []byte slices are direct references to the underlying mmap'd file. These references will become invalid as soon as the RawDump is closed.

func (*RawDump) Close Uses

func (r *RawDump) Close() error

Close closes the file.

func (*RawDump) FindSegment Uses

func (r *RawDump) FindSegment(addr uint64) *RawSegment

FindSegment returns the segment that contains the given address, or nil of no segment contains the address.

type RawFinalizer Uses

type RawFinalizer struct {
    IsQueued      bool   // if true, the object is unreachable and the finalizer is ready to run
    ObjAddr       uint64 // address of the object to finalize
    ObjTypeAddr   uint64 // address of the descriptor for typeof(obj)
    FnAddr        uint64 // function to be run (a FuncVal*)
    FnArgTypeAddr uint64 // address of the descriptor for the type of the function argument
    FnPC          uint64 // PC of finalizer entry point

RawFinalizer represents a finalizer.

type RawGoroutine Uses

type RawGoroutine struct {
    GAddr        uint64 // address of the goroutine descriptor
    SP           uint64 // current stack pointer (lowest address in the currently running frame)
    GoID         uint64 // goroutine ID
    GoPC         uint64 // PC of the go statement that created this goroutine
    Status       uint64
    IsSystem     bool   // true if started by the system
    IsBackground bool   // always false in go1.7
    WaitSince    uint64 // time the goroutine started waiting, in nanoseconds since the Unix epoch
    WaitReason   string
    CtxtAddr     uint64 // address of the scheduling ctxt
    MAddr        uint64 // address of the OS thread descriptor (M)
    TopDeferAddr uint64 // address of the top defer record
    TopPanicAddr uint64 // address of the top panic record

RawGoroutine represents a goroutine structure.

type RawMemProfEntry Uses

type RawMemProfEntry struct {
    Size      uint64            // size of the allocated object
    NumAllocs uint64            // number of allocations
    NumFrees  uint64            // number of frees
    Stacks    []RawMemProfFrame // call stacks

RawMemProfEntry represents a memory profiler entry.

type RawMemProfFrame Uses

type RawMemProfFrame struct {
    Func []byte // string left as []byte reference to save memory
    File []byte // string left as []byte reference to save memory
    Line uint64

RawMemProfFrame represents a memory profiler frame.

type RawOSThread Uses

type RawOSThread struct {
    MAddr  uint64 // address of the OS thread descriptor (M)
    GoID   uint64 // go's internal ID for the thread
    ProcID uint64 // kernel's ID for the thread

RawOSThread represents an OS thread.

type RawOtherRoot Uses

type RawOtherRoot struct {
    Description string
    Addr        uint64 // address pointed to by this root

RawOtherRoot represents the other roots not in RawDump's other fields.

type RawPanic Uses

type RawPanic struct {
    Addr        uint64 // address of the panic record
    GAddr       uint64 // address of the containing goroutine's descriptor
    ArgTypeAddr uint64 // type of the panic arg
    ArgAddr     uint64 // address of the panic arg
    DeferAddr   uint64 // address of the defer record that is currently running
    LinkAddr    uint64 // address of the next panic record in this chain

RawPanic represents a panic.

type RawParams Uses

type RawParams struct {
    ByteOrder binary.ByteOrder // byte order of all memory in this dump
    PtrSize   uint64           // in bytes
    HeapStart uint64           // heap start address
    HeapEnd   uint64           // heap end address (this is the last byte in the heap + 1)

    GoArch       string // GOARCH of the runtime library that generated this dump
    GoExperiment string // GOEXPERIMENT of the toolchain that build the runtime library
    NCPU         uint64 // number of physical cpus available to the program

RawParams holds metadata about the program that generated the dump.

func (*RawParams) ReadPtr Uses

func (r *RawParams) ReadPtr(b []byte) uint64

ReadPtr decodes a ptr from the given byte slice.

func (*RawParams) WritePtr Uses

func (r *RawParams) WritePtr(b []byte, addr uint64)

WritePtr encodes a ptr into the given byte slice.

type RawPtrFields Uses

type RawPtrFields struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RawPtrFields represents a pointer field.

func (RawPtrFields) Offsets Uses

func (r RawPtrFields) Offsets() []uint64

Offsets decodes the list of ptr field offsets.

type RawSegment Uses

type RawSegment struct {
    Addr      uint64       // base address of the segment
    Data      []byte       // data for this segment
    PtrFields RawPtrFields // offsets of ptr fields within this segment

RawSegment represents a segment of memory.

func (RawSegment) Contains Uses

func (r RawSegment) Contains(addr uint64) bool

Contains returns true if the segment contains the given address.

func (RawSegment) ContainsRange Uses

func (r RawSegment) ContainsRange(addr, size uint64) bool

ContainsRange returns true if the segment contains the range [addr, addr+size).

func (RawSegment) Size Uses

func (r RawSegment) Size() uint64

Size returns the size of the segment in bytes.

func (RawSegment) Slice Uses

func (r RawSegment) Slice(offset, size uint64) *RawSegment

Slice takes a slice of the given segment. Panics if [offset,offset+size) is out-of-bounds. The resulting RawSegment.PtrOffsets will clipped and translated into the new segment.

type RawStackFrame Uses

type RawStackFrame struct {
    Name     string
    Depth    uint64     // 0 = bottom of stack (currently running frame)
    CalleeSP uint64     // stack pointer of the child frame (or 0 for the bottom-most frame)
    EntryPC  uint64     // entry PC for the function
    PC       uint64     // current PC being executed
    NextPC   uint64     // for callers, where the function resumes (if anywhere) after the callee is done
    Segment  RawSegment // local vars (Segment.Addr is the stack pointer, i.e., lowest address in the frame)

RawStackFrame represents a stack frame.

type RawType Uses

type RawType struct {
    Addr uint64 // address of the type descriptor
    Size uint64 // in bytes
    Name string // not necessarily unique
    // If true, this type is equivalent to a single pointer, so ifaces can store
    // this type directly in the data field (without indirection).
    DirectIFace bool

RawType repesents the Go runtime's representation of a type.

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