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package resttest

import "gopkg.in/kubernetes/kubernetes.v0/pkg/api/rest/resttest"


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type Tester Uses

type Tester struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(t *testing.T, storage rest.Storage, storageError injectErrorFunc) *Tester

func (*Tester) ClusterScope Uses

func (t *Tester) ClusterScope() *Tester

func (*Tester) TestContext Uses

func (t *Tester) TestContext() api.Context

TestContext returns a namespaced context that will be used when making storage calls. Namespace is determined by TestNamespace()

func (*Tester) TestCreate Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreate(valid runtime.Object, invalid ...runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateDiscardsObjectNamespace Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateDiscardsObjectNamespace(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateGeneratesName Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateGeneratesName(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateGeneratesNameReturnsServerTimeout Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateGeneratesNameReturnsServerTimeout(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateHasMetadata Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateHasMetadata(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateIgnoresContextNamespace Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateIgnoresContextNamespace(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateIgnoresMismatchedNamespace Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateIgnoresMismatchedNamespace(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateInvokesValidation Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateInvokesValidation(invalid ...runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateRejectsMismatchedNamespace Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateRejectsMismatchedNamespace(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestCreateResetsUserData Uses

func (t *Tester) TestCreateResetsUserData(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestDelete Uses

func (t *Tester) TestDelete(createFn func() runtime.Object, wasGracefulFn func() bool, invalid ...runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestDeleteGraceful Uses

func (t *Tester) TestDeleteGraceful(createFn func() runtime.Object, expectedGrace int64, wasGracefulFn func() bool)

func (*Tester) TestDeleteGracefulHasDefault Uses

func (t *Tester) TestDeleteGracefulHasDefault(existing runtime.Object, expectedGrace int64, wasGracefulFn func() bool)

func (*Tester) TestDeleteGracefulUsesZeroOnNil Uses

func (t *Tester) TestDeleteGracefulUsesZeroOnNil(existing runtime.Object, expectedGrace int64)

func (*Tester) TestDeleteInvokesValidation Uses

func (t *Tester) TestDeleteInvokesValidation(invalid ...runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestDeleteNoGraceful Uses

func (t *Tester) TestDeleteNoGraceful(createFn func() runtime.Object, wasGracefulFn func() bool)

func (*Tester) TestDeleteNonExist Uses

func (t *Tester) TestDeleteNonExist(createFn func() runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestNamespace Uses

func (t *Tester) TestNamespace() string

TestNamespace returns the namespace that will be used when creating contexts. Returns NamespaceNone for cluster-scoped objects.

func (*Tester) TestUpdate Uses

func (t *Tester) TestUpdate(valid runtime.Object, existing, older runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestUpdateFailsOnNotFound Uses

func (t *Tester) TestUpdateFailsOnNotFound(valid runtime.Object)

func (*Tester) TestUpdateFailsOnVersion Uses

func (t *Tester) TestUpdateFailsOnVersion(older runtime.Object)

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