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package create

import ""


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type ClusterOption Uses

type ClusterOption func(*internaltypes.ClusterOptions) (*internaltypes.ClusterOptions, error)

ClusterOption is a cluster creation option

func Retain Uses

func Retain(retain bool) ClusterOption

Retain configures create to retain nodes after failing for debugging pourposes

func SetupKubernetes Uses

func SetupKubernetes(setupKubernetes bool) ClusterOption

SetupKubernetes configures create command to setup kubernetes after creating nodes containers TODO: Refactor this. It is a temporary solution for a phased breakdown of different

operations, specifically create. see

func WaitForReady Uses

func WaitForReady(interval time.Duration) ClusterOption

WaitForReady configures create to use interval as maximum wait time for the control plane node to be ready

func WithConfigFile Uses

func WithConfigFile(path string) ClusterOption

WithConfigFile configures creating the cluster using the config file at path

func WithKubeconfigPath Uses

func WithKubeconfigPath(kubeconfigPath string) ClusterOption

WithKubeconfigPath sets the explicit --kubeconfig path The rules from apply

func WithNodeImage Uses

func WithNodeImage(nodeImage string) ClusterOption

WithNodeImage overrides the image on all nodes in config as an easy way to change the Kubernetes version

func WithV1Alpha3 Uses

func WithV1Alpha3(cluster *v1alpha3.Cluster) ClusterOption

WithV1Alpha3 configures creating the cluster with a v1alpha3 config

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