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package kubeadm

import ""

Package kubeadm contains kubeadm related constants and configuration


Package Files

config.go const.go doc.go


const ConfigTemplateBetaV1 = "" /* 3310 byte string literal not displayed */

ConfigTemplateBetaV1 is the kubadm config template for API version v1beta1

const ConfigTemplateBetaV2 = "" /* 3333 byte string literal not displayed */

ConfigTemplateBetaV2 is the kubadm config template for API version v1beta2

const ObjectName = "config"

ObjectName is the name every generated object will have I.E. `metadata:\nname: config`

const Token = "abcdef.0123456789abcdef"

Token defines a dummy, well known token for automating TLS bootstrap process

func Config Uses

func Config(data ConfigData) (config string, err error)

Config returns a kubeadm config generated from config data, in particular the kubernetes version

type ConfigData Uses

type ConfigData struct {
    ClusterName       string
    KubernetesVersion string
    // The ControlPlaneEndpoint, that is the address of the external loadbalancer
    // if defined or the bootstrap node
    ControlPlaneEndpoint string
    // The Local API Server port
    APIBindPort int
    // The API server external listen IP (which we will port forward)
    APIServerAddress string
    // ControlPlane flag specifies the node belongs to the control plane
    ControlPlane bool
    // The main IP address of the node
    NodeAddress string
    // The Token for TLS bootstrap
    Token string
    // KubeProxyMode defines the kube-proxy mode between iptables or ipvs
    KubeProxyMode string
    // The subnet used for pods
    PodSubnet string
    // The subnet used for services
    ServiceSubnet string
    // IPv4 values take precedence over IPv6 by default, if true set IPv6 default values
    IPv6         bool
    FeatureGates map[string]bool
    // DerivedConfigData is populated by Derive()
    // These auto-generated fields are available to Config templates,
    // but not meant to be set by hand

ConfigData is supplied to the kubeadm config template, with values populated by the cluster package

func (*ConfigData) Derive Uses

func (c *ConfigData) Derive()

Derive automatically derives DockerStableTag if not specified

type DerivedConfigData Uses

type DerivedConfigData struct {
    // DockerStableTag is automatically derived from KubernetesVersion
    DockerStableTag string
    // SortedFeatureGateKeys allows us to iterate FeatureGates deterministically
    SortedFeatureGateKeys []string
    // FeatureGatesString is of the form `Foo=true,Baz=false`
    FeatureGatesString string

DerivedConfigData fields are automatically derived by ConfigData.Derive if they are not specified / zero valued

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