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package provider

import ""


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type Provider Uses

type Provider interface {
    // Provision should create and start the nodes, just short of
    // actually starting up Kubernetes, based on the given cluster config
    Provision(status *cli.Status, cfg *config.Cluster) error
    // ListClusters discovers the clusters that currently have resources
    // under this providers
    ListClusters() ([]string, error)
    // ListNodes returns the nodes under this provider for the given
    // cluster name, they may or may not be running correctly
    ListNodes(cluster string) ([]nodes.Node, error)
    // DeleteNodes deletes the provided list of nodes
    // These should be from results previously returned by this provider
    // E.G. by ListNodes()
    DeleteNodes([]nodes.Node) error
    // GetAPIServerEndpoint returns the host endpoint for the cluster's API server
    GetAPIServerEndpoint(cluster string) (string, error)
    // GetAPIServerEndpoint returns the internal network endpoint for the cluster's API server
    GetAPIServerInternalEndpoint(cluster string) (string, error)
    // CollectLogs will populate dir with cluster logs and other debug files
    CollectLogs(dir string, nodes []nodes.Node) error

Provider represents a provider of cluster / node infrastructure This is an alpha-grade internal API


commonPackage common contains common code for implementing providers

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